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About The Gleehive Music education program

Everyone is born with one instrument: a voice to sing.

The Gleehive capitalizes on this to bring many instruments together to make music. Choral singing, requires co-ordination, listening, self-control, adapting, and importantly a sense of ‘belonging’ – much needed skills in any situation, task or job, at home, in the workplace or in broader social environments.

A unique approach

We go beyond the surface idea of what music is about.

Help children develop

We help children develop their voices, teach them to read music, play an instrument and collaborate with others. Free training is provided to children from low income backgrounds. The Joyful Noise Trust procures and provides musical instruments to some of these children.

Make music different

We create and perform, but to do so, we work hard on our foundation. We focus on what makes music different from other subjects - creative thought, expressive phrasing, rhythm and harmony - to name a few.

Not about competitions

It’s not about competing against another person, as each individual talent is unique and special and should not be replicated by thoughtless mimicking, but rather be honed and allowed to bloom through thoughtful and purposeful work.

Beyond music

Camp Discovery

At the end of each academic year The Gleehive organises a camp for children (ages 9-16), the central theme being ‘Collaboration and Growth’. These camps involve a series of different activities designed to help children exercise their creative skills, learn to collaborate with a diverse group of their peers while maintaining their individuality and discovering their abilities. In addition to this they gain an appreciation for the outdoors, understanding first hand the importance of respecting the environment.

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"Musical prose, if it can be described at all, is elements combined into underlying strings, raw material waiting to be transformed into art."
- Leonard Bernstein
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